Colours of Autumn

Colours Of Autumn


Colours of Autumn



It’s another autumnal rainy day here in England . Not heavily though just a slight pitter patter on the window panes.

The leaves are turning red ,brown,oranges  and they are falling. Its such  a magical time of year, and one of the best times to go for a day out in the woods or to frolic and forage .

The Colours of Autumn ,It kind of reminds me of sunsets I used to watch at the end of every day back home.

There was a time that the weather ruled my thoughts and my moods but no more .

Since having children I’ve had to put a brave face on it and change my attitude and way of looking at things and not allow my emotions to rule over me. I’ve learnt  after having four children that Mothers set the tone of the household . If she is full of warmth love and cheer it resonates in the household. So I have decided to embrace it all and now I find that I am loving it so.

I am a sunshine, girl  I make no apologies  for that . Afterall I was born in the Caribbean ,of that I am proud  ~ I love the  bright sun on my back.. However, a good rainy day is needed…It’s not depressing, it’s so soothing. Today I’ve been working on homework, I am taking a few self improvement classes at the local college. T o be honest with you I think I may be addicted to learning. I’ve also been l ooking at my back log of footage that i need to edit and upload onto my youtube channel. I find this all therapeautic in a way. Where our house is situated it backs onto a huge field that leads up to the river and at times leaves us feeling isolated.

A short train journey away I can just imagine the busy wet streets and the land full of umbrellas right now outside  just beyond my window.

This autumn in our homeschool we have been looking at the signs of autumn .  What I have found is a tremendous amount of apple,pears and blackberries so I’ve been busy reliving my childhood with the kids climbing trees and playing in mud. Here is a video of some of the treasures I have found with my little ones. New Store

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