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I’ve been meaning to post an article on Homeschooling for such a long time but other things just seem to come up. So I am going to try to cover this topic in about 3 or 4 parts from June till July of 2011.  I  haven’t thought it all through yet. However I was thinking I would tell you the story of how I got into homeschooling, then maybe show you from Scripture the reasons to homeschool then touch on the pros and cons of it then maybe some videos on the state of public schools in the UK as well as USA . And maybe  how to homeschool and answer some of the top questions I get asked alot. If  anything is unclear please feel free to post comments below or email me and I will try and tackle them. If you want I could do a YOUTUBE video as well. I want to be as helpful to YOU my readers as I possibly can.

So Why NOW?

After having a very interesting chat yesterday with a man of the cloth and on the heals of someone very dear to me a week ago. I feel like the proverbial  straw finally broke the proverbial  camel’s back. It’s an unusual choice  yes ,but was it my own idea? No, I can take no credit for it because it didn’t originate from me.Did I know of someone who was homeschooled themself  or who is homeschooling their children? No, I’ve never even heard of it. Did I want to do it?  No.


Now I don’t  have dreams and visions. I tend to get things direct from the Holy Bible which as a christian I believe is the inerrant Word of The Creator or The Holy Spirit  will convict me of a change I need to make in my life or to do something.
There are alot of things I am unsure of but Homeschooling my children is something God told me to do.
I did not question Him how long for or why or where was I going to get the money from or the curriculum etc. I just obeyed
the call. You may be familiar with the story of Gideon and the fleece. (see Judges 6:38-40)
Well sisters believe you me I tested that Spirit if it be of God or
or not and it was.

Whether or not I am discharging my duties fully ,hand on heart ,I don’t know.It remains to be seen.
 It has been extremely lonely not being like everybody else at church or even in my family.
I have had to put up with alot of taunts,discouraging,
patronising and downright hurtful words. The Uk government gives absolutely NO FINANCIAL Assistance. My church from conference level down
to my local church gives nothing and neither has any individual. I would never dream of asking either
 Yet still I stand alone and unafraid because I know in whom I trust.

Looking back its quite miraculous the way  we took our only daughter out of school. I had just finished my BA degree in Psycho-Social Studies from University of East London and  wanted to do a diploma in social work that didn’t work out. As current regulations changed in that to become a qualified social worker one had to do a full 3-4 years Social Work degree . I was not about to spend another 4 years at University. I considered counselling or psychaitry but then to do a masters then PHD plus the hours of practice you need to get qualified and recognised by the governing body. You get the picture.   So then I decided to try teaching . I got a job as an Unqualified teacher in a local secondary school whilst deciding to actually go back to university. I applied to University of Greenwich to do a PCET for college teaching as opposed to PGCE for primary/secondary school in September of the following year.

You know we make plans and God just laughs? ,Well I  imagine God, The Supreme Creator ROFL. There were some Racial issues and politics that came up at the school so  it became apparent that I wasn’t going to stay.Then my daughter had issues at her school. I was very confused at that time what decision was to be made. Then I  got pregnant  .  So I tendered my resignation. I decided I  couldn’t possibly accept the place at University either. Just when I thought things were clearer. My husband was about to lose his Job. I should probably point out that at this time I wasn’t walking with God. I won’t go into the details of my conversion but I will say it was a very dark time in my life.  I then also had to deal with my molestation issues at the same time, I had to go to court to face my abuser but before that I had to tell my mother and those close to me about it. I had to face certain things. I was spiritually and emotionally drained and it was in that state that I came to God . There was no where else to go.

I am a fast learner and even though 2005/6  was spent dealing with all these issues simultaneously. I was looking heavenward and learning every day to trust IN GOD and I read THE HOLY BIBLE through in one sitting in about two months. With all the toing and froing meeting s etc as my local council really tried to talk me out of it and so it came to the day of the showdown……………

Standing in the middle of my living room was my daughter’s head mistress, a social worker ,
two LEA Representative
“Is that your final answer Mrs Joseph”
I rubbed my swollen belly absentmindedly but I knew I had to let go and take a leap of faith and trust God.
Later that evening my husband and I knelt in prayer. We prayed fervently that the requests I had made to the
 councils representatives that God would supply.

  I needed monetary funds to pay for supplies
  I wanted music lessons
  I wanted language lessons
  I wanted swim lessons or a free leisure centre pass.
  Most of all we needed a strong curriculum that was Christian based 
and had character building values that would undo the damage done by the school.

I thought this was a tall order. Some of the requests took three years but
God answered each one  of them at the right time. I  was startled  on some occasions
at how  miraculously and mysteriously 
GOD  answered some of these requests. Some it took me a while, months even to recognise God’s hand in this.
That day in my living room over four years ago I made a list of requests to a mere council of men and
 was refused with a flat unceremonious, unemotional NO. My God saw fit to supply all those needs.
The text I prayed in that situation

 And we know that all things work
 together for good to them that love God,
  to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28

The other text we stood in agreement in prayer as a couple was:

 But my God shall supply all your need according
 to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19


When we pray we need to BE SPECIFIC  and we need to have faith that HE will do what HE says in
His Word-The Bible  in HIS own perfect time. Of all the requests to GOD the curriculum request
was granted within 24hours.

please see below a video of  my first prayer journal entry written about 2006 as  I felt at that dark time in my life


So stay tuned for the next installment, May god bless you all as you make your homes a place where angels can dwell





The Ascent of Education of our children! What is God’s heart on the Subject?

Yesterday I was at work, when two caucasian mothers brought in their four children to sign up for the creche. There were three boys and a girl between age 4 and 7. On the television screen was an animated film called “DINASAURS”. The Mullato or mixed race boy  started rehearsing the evolution of man complete with actions. Chanting “Monkeys ,savages ,caveman “etc to the younger ones and they all chorused in chimming loudly. I wondered how he and his sister viewed themself in that line up. What do I mean?

Well the skin pigmentation in the picture above gets considerably lighter and whiter. Secondly If you tell someone he is a beast long enough and that LIFE is happenchance they begin to behave in that way. The truth of who he is as described in Genesis is made in the image of God. This philosophy robs him and many children in the public school system of acheiving their full potential. My heart just went out to him.It also got me thinking about homeschooling and what the bible says about educating our children. I started to think the winds have changed significantly and any vestiges of God is being pushed out in schools. You’ve probably read the news reports on Religious Education in uk schools today. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Enough of my ranting lets dig in to God’s word and find out His heart on the subject.

Duetoronomy 4 :9-10 ,4:21-24,  6:1-9,20-25

                               31:19-21  32:46-47

Psalms 45:17  48:12-14   71:18  78:1-8

                      79 :13   145:4-5

Proverbs   6:20-24   31:1

Isaiah   38 :19   59:21

Joel 1:3

Educating our children is a monumental task that shouldn’t be entered into lightly. The recurring theme in the above texts is that the education of our children is OUR responsibilty. God doesn’t tell us to delegate that responsibilty to the PASTOR or SABBATH SCHOOL TEACHER much less leaving our precious children to the government. I pray that you will meditate on these words of scripture.

If you are reading this post and you are of black origin  whether you are homeschooling or not please check out these free online resources as the importance of Cultural Heritage is played down alot and only serves to reinforce negative stereotypes. Our children need to have positive self image. Likewise if you are European and  seeking to teach your children about cultural diversity then I hope you will be blessed by some of these resources. As christians we need to be aware of the walls of separation the enemy plants for us that prevent us from penetrating ALL that YWHY has for us. Click on the links below and see which ones could be of benefit to your family.


African Studies for homeschool Resources
http://teacherlink.ed.usu.edu/tlresources/units/byrnes-africa/aindex.htm#General Introductory Lessons

“Mothers, have you neglected your God-given work–the greatest work ever
committed to mortals? Have you refused to bear your
 God-given responsibilities? In the time of trouble just before us,
 when the judgments of God fall upon the impure and unholy,
 will your children curse you because of your indulgence?”

 (Child Guidance pp 556.2 by EGW)


Now the above quote doesn’t specifically mention homeshooling but as we have seen from
the last post education of our children is the responsibility of the parents.The following
youtube videos I have compiled though rather extreme ,never tthe less true contain current reason FOR the
Homeschool case




Mary kay Letourneau


High school shooting in Columbine

Black boys Under achievement




SO last time I dealt with reasons to homeschool in my video I hope you were inspired and blessed by it .
If not stop and view it before reading this weeks installment.
Homeschooling is  ALL about the pupil . However before I go any further lets get a few things straight.
In my opinion there are two things that you need to do before you embark on this journey
and right after much prayer and supplication.

Number 1 is Write down your dreams, wishes, aspirations and what it is that  drives you to this homeschooling venture? 
Think about your child or children  and  where you would like to see them in 10-15 years time.
In terms of their career, ministry, character, even marriage. How committed are you to this voyage?
When the rides gets bumpy and make NO mistake it will.
Are you going to quit or will you stick with it for your pupils sake?

If you feel that you are at a junction in your mind that nothing will dissuade you from the brilliant
Adventure of homeschooling, then I strongly urge you to sit
down and commit them to paper.
You will want to visit them on THOSE days
when you feel a little discouraged and beaten from it all. 
They will also SOLIDIFY and  RENEW your commitment to your child/ren.

Equally  YOU will have days of laughter and growth when your child “gets it”
and you see the sparkle in their eyes and you feel like all heaven is ROFL along with you
You will also have days when you want to get in your car and speedily drive off ,
and the whining and complaining seems monotonous and incessant.
Through it all you have a concrete foundation that offers stability to the exciting voyage.
Which brings me nicely to my second point, YOU!

If it wasn’t for you, your hard work
, and devotion your student would not have this wonderful opportunity.

You must take care of yourself!  How…

by getting a good nights sleep!  You will have more patience and stamina with a decent amount of sleep.
by getting exercise!  It will be easier to keep up with them if you keep in shape.
by eating healthy!  Not only are you setting a good example for your child/ren, but your body needs “good” fuel to keep going.
by drinking water!  Your brain works better and remembers more when you are fully hydrated.
by connecting with others!  Adult conversation is a MUST,  – I’ve joined my local library
book club its only one Tuesday a month and it does wonders for my soul. Also look out for online forums or local homeschool groups
Trust me  sometimes you just need to find expression for, commiserate, or share ideas with other homeschooling parents
-by finding time to be in solitude  !  Your bedroom (or any other spot of your choosing )
should be an oasis  in the chaos. Characterised by having  no strewn toys on the floor or papers . 
Your children need to know when they can come and snuggle, but you  NEED  your space.
-by spending time with your husband!  The honeymoon should Last.

-by spending time with your friends!  Having a girls night out
once a week should be a requirement.  Your husband should be more than
happy to spend a night caring for the children, so you can spend time
with friends remembering what is was like to be YOU
Please remember how important YOU are in the formula of homeschooling.
You will be less likely to experience burnout and fatigue, and it will
help you keep a positiveoutlook.  After all, homeschooling is about the Pupil!


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    Please explain your requests..Were you saying you want to have access to swim lessons, music lessons etc and that you eventually did get all that stuff?

    • wait

      Yes ,I wanted the council to provide those things but they said NO! Each of those items I got but not from the council, GOD found a way to supply ALL those needs. She did German for a while. She currently does piano and trumpet. She just completed 3 courses on swimming, etc, etc,etc

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