Pregnancy Diary

Pregnancy Diary

Well you’ve probably noticed that there has been no more Weigh in Tuesday posts of recent. That’s because I’ve discovered that The Lord has chosen to bless us with  baby number four due in October of this year. So I figured I would share with you my readers the up’s ,down’s, high’s and lows of pregnancy


So This week I am 23  weeks.  I have been experiencing some back ache which is expected at this stage as I am getting bigger and bigger. I’ve been off from work the last three weeks. Reason being with all the homeschooling, working lots of overtime, ministry,church offices, children,husband and all that goes with running a household and etc etc etc…… I finally crashed. I ended up at 20 weeks + days having contractions. Not so good with my history having had 4 miscarriages and secondly that the prognosis for pre 24weeks babies survival rate is virtually low,let alone all the longterm health problems associated with pre-term babies. So I’ve been on bed rest lol whatever that means. Husband is trying to be helpful BUT I have to still do most things myself.

Baby is turning and kicking more frequently and from the ultrasound scan and feotal heart rate monitors at the hospital and my doctor’s office all is well


This week I am 25 weeks. I saw my consultant today at my local hospital. I was rather nervous as they had rescheduled me twice already.  After he had the midwife check me over ie, blood pressure, weight and urine sample he declared me healthy.  He was bewildered as to the reason why I was sent up there. He then said he didn’t see any reason why I shouldn’t have my HOME BIRTH. So I am rejoicing in the LORD. I went back to work this evening it was okay. I sat down for most of it though. Several of my co-workers expressed their well wishes and that I was sorely missed. I also got vip treatment in the staff canteen as well lol

Baby is very, very active. seems to be doing somersaults. Baby seems to respond to my husband’s voice how cool is that.

Top eating Tip: Im a vegetarian so for my iron I’m consuming lentils, cashews ,spinach, quinoa and trying to drink fresh orange juice and eating satsumas and clementine. It helps with the absorption of iron in the body. I am also drinking freshly boiled nettle tea leaves a minimum of three cups a day. I went to camp meeting last week in WALES. My hubby forgot to pack iron tablets ,luckily I had some dried nettle so thats what I drank whilst there.

For Calcium I’m eating soya mince,tofu and brocoli and a bit of soya/rice  milk in my smoothies that I make as well. Calcium builds strong bones and teeth for mother and baby thats got to be good right.


I am 28 weeks. I went to the clinic today to see my midwife. I was supposed to be measured but alas baby was lying in the transverse position. Basically if she had measured me it would not have been very accurate. My blood pressure  was very low at 100/60 but that’s normal for this pregnancy. Feotal Heart rate was 148 when she hooked me up to the monitor. I am soo amazed at these minature machines. It means we can escape the necessity/inconvenience of going into the main hospitals. Instead I could hear my baby’s heart beat without having to leave my postcode at my local gp’s office.  I had a fainting spell last week again but that was due to me trying to get alot done,  before I ran out of energy.Plus in my defence it was a mini heatwave all around Britain. 


I homeschooled, potty trained, blogged,I made 2 chocolate cakes
 24 cupcakes, 2 vege sheperds pie,lentil soup,
vegemeatballs, 1 L rice milk.450ml nettle tea.
Made my homemade all purpose cleaner.Did all laundry and cleaned bathroom

This past week my hubby and my lil bro been decorating so more mess.(Eeek) I’m trying to stay calm and picture the end result. Last weekend I actually got out. I went to prison ministry and a farewell bbq at church of some dear friends. It was good  to see familiar faces. I also been to work but taking things slowly, slowly.

 Today I made a quick video for those of you who haven’t seen me for a while I’ll edit and post it later tonight or by Friday the very latest


So  I’m 29 weeks now.I have been focusing on staying healthy. To that end I thought I would show you exactly what I’ve been doing to achieve a healthy pregnancy. Lets start off with my refrigerator and what is in it. Do enjoy!


I am 30 weeks yeah me! God is soooo gracious to me. My heart  is just overflowing with gratitude. Been doing more decorating its almost done thanks to my little brother. I made it to church this past Sabbath so that was great. It happenend to be family ministries Day. It helped to remind me of a few things.

My sister’s kids suffer from really bad eczema . Come to think of it she had it bad as a kid herself too but she seems to have grown out of it. I thought I would show her how to make some delicious alternatives to dairy milk. It’s funny that since we went vegetarian almost 4 1/2years  ago now. My two youngest have never tasted dairy products. In March- April of this year I had some serious cravings for my mother’s homemade macaroni cheese pie. So I made loads and fed it to them too. The 10 year old and the 2 year old binged on it every day so did I.

 My husband and the 4 year old wouldn’t touch it and rightly so.  Then I also had cravings for my homemade chocolate attack hot chocolate which I drank with delight. I began to notice that I was waking up with the old symptoms  of phlegm on my chest and stuffy nose etc etc. Very shortly afterwards I noticed the two year old had a breakout of eczema.  Anyways I managed to get rid of it. I had to detox her with some herb tea and some homemade cream that I whipped up in my kitchen . Anyway’s here is Episode 1 of 3 videos I shot last week. I’m trying to edit the rest as I find the time. YOU should check out my Udderly Amazing Post. For information on the DANGERS of dairy foods, It will shock and amaze You. May God bless you as you make your homes a place where angels can dwell


So I’m 31 /40 weeks now . Went to visit the dentist today in the next town. It was my  2 year old daughter’s first time, so we had to fill out a registration form for her. I was worried she might be scared so I had spoken to her beforehand and got a book out from the library as well about dentist but true to her name she was an absolute JOY and even did a dance for the dentist  and the dental nurse. It was the 4 year old who was the frightened one and about to cry when the the 2 year old said quite plainly ” O don’t worry” sympathetically. She immediately calmed down enough to let the dentist examine her mouth. For me my gums were bleeding a bit ,which ofcourse is normal when pregnant he recommended flossing, especially in the back which I know I tend to neglect. Note to self get some dental floss on next shopping trip.

So just in case you haven’t stopped by my clean and green page I am reposting how I make toothpaste and mouthwash. The mouthwash I don’t use so much because Its difficult to preserve.


 I went to church last Sabbath the elder preached on Elijah and how sometimes we can feel like we are all alone serving God. In reality we are not. There was a special Sabbath School presented by the Health and Personal Ministry department in preparation for some local outreach events. Whilst I may not be able to participate I will definately be praying for the success of the endeavour.

Here is a picture of us after Church


 On Sunday had some family over and later in the night, I started having flu like symptoms. After the dentist today I went to bed with a brew of Echinacea and Nettle Tea. Luckily I had put some soup in the freezer last time I made some(If you look carefully in lastweeks video of the Refrigerator tour you will see it) . It was like a gift from a friend all my hubby needed  to do was re-heat on the stove top. I thank God for my husband ,truly it is great that he has my back. I can’t understand how single mothers cope while pregnant too with these  issues of life. I see a rough week ahead of me. I’m praying for strength and health.

Baby is doing okay and is as active as ever.Is kicking alot some days more than others.  

As promised here is the second installment of the 3 part series on Dairy Alternatives. So enjoy as you make your home a place where angels can dwell

Tuesday 9th August 2011

I’ll be going to the midwifery clinic tomorrow so I’ll post the out come of that visit soon. On Friday I succumbed to the flu so was unable to do my shopping or church on Sabbath as planned bohoo 🙁 but I’m feeling much better now and so are the kids too who also had the flu. As well as my echinacea tea which I’ve shown you a video of before on my Finger of God Post. I’ve been drinking this smoothie through out my pregnancy to boost my iron levels so check it out below

Tuesday 16th August 2011

Today I’m 33 weeks. I just got confirmation at work last night that I can take ALL of my holiday before going on to my maternity leave so I am well chuffed. That means 3 more Thursdays I can go home and really start preparing mentally and physically for this 3rd Homebirthing Experience. I have been researching a few things and I am in negotiations with my hubby and God. Next step is talking to my midwife about my  Birthing plans. I don’t know how she will react when she hears what I’ve got up my sleeve. Just have to wait and see. Good news my hubby finished the home decoration this past weekend. So the house  will be ready to welcome the new addition. I have NO baby supplies yet. I am such a dork I gave all my stuff away from last time. So off to the charity shops soon I will be going.

I’ve started drinking red raspberry leaf tea I’m alternating between that and nettle tea. From today I’ll be starting to rub the perenium with olive oil. Reason being as I described in WHY I HAVE HOMEBIRTH Page I got a really bad tear with my first in hospital and I am determined that won’t be happening again. I want that area to be be thoroughly strectched and supple during the delivery. I have been playing classical music at home I have a modest collection and I listen to classic fm on the radio to and from work. I read somewhere that it makes babies calm after birth if they ever start frettin. I would even put this down to the reason why my ten year old loves classical music and plays 3 instruments.

Finding a comfortable sleep position is proving quite difficult on these often sweltering hot  August nights.I’m sort of waddling now as the baby is getting too heavy for me and I can’t seem to even stand with my back straight either. I’ve been noticing a few here and there braxton hicks. From the last two videos I’ve done you will probaby notice how absentminded I am. Ummming and ahhing . The frustrating thing is I know what I want to say but keep forgetting. All signs and wonders of pregnancy. I am trying to crank out as many videos as I can.  I still have a ton load of ideas to come.

Baby is still head down this week and still kicking and wriggling alot. With my other babies this was the time they began to slow down because of the space restrictions but not this one.

Below is last weeks installment of my diary in video format instead of writing so check it out. May God bless you as you make your homes a place where angels can dwell.


I’m 35 weeks and gearing up for that great day have a listen to my birthplan.


I’m 36 weeks now and decided to go on a shopping trip at 4 local charity shops. The most expensive item was the  Marks and Spencer blue top I am wearing in the video at £3, which I fully intend to wear to give birth in.


I’m 37 weeks pregnant now  and I’m really really tired all the time. I’ve  been sort of falling off the bandwaggon a tad bit lately. Like recently I’ve not been taking my usual green smoothie, nettle tea and red raspberry leaf infusions. Why ? well because I’ve been on maternity leave from work as of September 1st and I’ve been running around trying to get all the supplies I need with the little energy I get.

1)I have been preparing some frozen meals to see me out for the first week so I don’t have to cook for my family. I’ve also been filling my cupboards

2)I’ve been trying to keep on top of the laundry and  organising the children’s bedrooms and getting them to understand the system, and weeding out those clothes that don’t fit etc

3)I’ve been looking after and styling their hair as I’ve fallen out with my hairdresser. Basically doing a crash course trying to learn all I can  that I shoulda ‘ coulda’ 10 years ago in 1 month .Don’t get me wrong  It’s not been all bad. I have actually had fun and as a result I will be presenting you very soon with a page dedicated to girls hair. Here is a sneak peak

4)People say to me I bet you are fed up of waiting for baby.  With a knowing smile I say no. I am NOT ready. I’m such a generous person I’ve given away E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-ING .For instance I had no clothes or moses basket. (I need a new carseat and a buggy still). To top it all off on my last day I  was finally  given by my supervisor the maternity package paperwork to read and sign.  I was so unprepared for the drastic changes. I actually shed a little tear.It turns out as of April 2011 my employers no longer offer the 9 months full paid leave with option to return to work or a further 3 months unpaid leave. It is significantly lower.

So I’ve been hitting the local charity shops and looking online for deals. Normally you also get a grant about £100-£200 from the tax credit/benefits agency as of April this new government has cut that.

The result has been days where I can’t seem to get out of bed. Result my eldest feels she can slack off on her chores and homeschool work. My four year old on the other hand will get into bed with me and actually bring her school work to me. My house is a tip.

So I’ve been trying to focus on cutting things down  like computer time, phone time, prison ministry, cooking extra, going to bed between 8:30-9pm Only doing basic cleaning,trying to relax, visualise the birth listen to clasical music and nature sounds. Just SLOW  down. I’ve come so far despite the trouble at the start of almost being faced with another failed pregnancy . I am determined to enjoy this season in my life. I am going to embrace it ALL. I oft find myself frequently in thought about   God’s greatness in comparison to my small situation and thank him for the new life He’s blessed us with.

May God bless you this week as you make your homes a place where angels can dwell.


Week 38 /40 pregnancy diary


week39/40 pregnancy diary


Week 40

As this is my final  week I thought I would share with you my personal prenatal care regimen for this pregnancy as well as my previous pregnancy.

This week I  discuss the outcome of my last antenatal visit with my midwife and show you what I’ve done in preparation for my waterbirth


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    Hi. I am pleased for you both. May God continue to bless you and your family. You are doing a great work also. I am so impressed by your website. Keep going. Having done all still stand.


    I myself got caught in a traffic jam due to the snow. I was stuck in traffic for 8 hours on the motorway. It was frustrating for me. To be honest I was angry. I had to calm down seen that none of us was going anywhere. My advise to other drivers is to keep a stock of food supplies in their vehicles. My family was worried. Thank God I made it home in one piece.

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      O my! That is just awful, at least back home we didn’t have to deal with such things Thank God you made it home though


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