Domestic Felicity

Oh, Mothers of young children, I bow before you in reverence.

 Your work is most holy. You are fashioning the destinies of immortal souls.

The powers folded up in the little ones that you hushed to sleep

 in your bosoms last night, are powers that shall exist forever.

You are preparing them for their immortal destiny and influence. Be faithful.

Take up your sacred burden reverently. Be sure that your life is sweet and clean.

–JR Miller

Domestic Felicity 2010

I had been dropping shameless hints about what I wanted for my birthday for about a month now. On my birthday I was pleasantly surprised by the gifts I got (as described in Finger of God post) However I was still looking for my husband to present me with the REAL gift I wanted. Right up until midnight the day after but alas to no avail. So I just put it to the back of my mind and promptly forgot about it.

For some time I have admired my friends Esmeralda Abrahams and Hellen Halliday. Many a time I have sat at their kitchen table with a cup of something warm and some baked goodie or other which always taste like a slice of heaven.I always enjoy their fellowship and wise advice on womanhood and parenting. Both women have a son and daughter who are between age 18-22.

After a particularly hard day at work I came home to big package on my bed. It was a bread machine. I was so excited . I am sometimes so awe-struck by the love

 my husband shows me at times. I feel at times I don’t deserve it.

I went to my grocery store the following day after work and got the ingredients to bake some bread. So one evening last week inspired by these women

 I decided I was going to jump in and try it. I got the whole family involved and created lots of memories. The best part is I haven’t had to cook for

 a few days after what I like to call my winter 2010 bake off Domestic Felicity. By the end of it I was too tired to even sample any of the goodies.

In total I baked :1 vegetarian lasagne

2 sheperds pie

1 mexican quorn chicken lasagne

2 lemon cake

12 chocolate chip cookies

24 cupcakes

1 wholemeal loaf

Then I made saltfish as well

Hubby and Derissa made Kool aid & Smoothie

 The winter months can be a source of sadness and depression but just try to get involved in some activity that blesses others and in doing so you will find your own spirits lifted by it.

So this is dedicated to Helen and Esmeralda domestic goddess that I aspire to be like.


vegetarian lasagne



Mexican “Quorn” chicken Lasagne


Vegetarian Sheperds Pie


Chocolate Chip Cookies



Lemon Sponge Cake




My Pride & Joy



Something to wash it all down-

 Smoothie- apple,orange,bannana ,strawberry  soya milk




My REAL birthday present



Happy but too exhausted to try any of it





May God Bless You as you make your home a place where angels can dwell







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2 Comments on “Domestic Felicity
  1. thank you

    Thanks for this post. Very nice. And thank you for introducing me to JR Miller in the quote above.

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and many more to come!

  2. Thank You

    You are most welcome Babara. Yes I did have a good birthday. I am so pleased that you are blessed by what you find on my blog.

    He is one of my favourites that discuss Godly principles of Biblical femininity. I will check out your blog real soon. I have problems with my laptop at the moment. So I can only read things via my mobile phone

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