Busy Signal by Mizaj4christ

Tuesday 31st May 2011

We  fill our days, from the moment we awake to the sounds of the alarm clock breaking that peaceful slumber


The busy chatter in the cafe

Traffic at rush hour grinds to a halt,wheels screeching, blaring horns, angry gesticulating

Cheers at Lil’ Tommy’s football match

There is NO escape

Just when you think you can relax behind your front door and shut out the world and it’s NOISE

Ring, Riiiinng Riiinnggg

It’s your Great Aunt Emily wants to talk on the phone

Beeeepppp, Beeeeppp, Beeeep

Incomming text message on your mobile phone

Piiiinnnnng,Diing, Piiiinnng! Ding

The microwave simultaneously letting you know that dinner is ready and your washing machine alerts you that  your husband’s work shirt is clean

Your eldest has her music on top volume in her bedroom because the middle child is practicing the cornet very out of sync.

Your toddler is pulling at your skirt,she wants a cuddle

Just STOP!

Look,Listen, Be still

See Below another poem I wrote added to video brought to you by http://www.marvelouslightservices.com/wp/


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