Emergency Clean

Speedy Emergency Clean UP

Allpurpose Cleaner

Allpurpose Cleaner

When your home is looking like a hurricane just passed through leaving a path of
destruction behind , and  you got to get it ship shape ASAP, Then the following tips are  just for you.
Before You Start – Put on a pot of water to boil add some choice
herbs and spice then reduce to a simmer . I like using anisee spice and cloves.
Turn on your favourite music.Get the laundry going, and reboot it as needed.
After you’ve completed the below eight Quick Clean steps, take some time
to put away any laundry that is clean and waiting.

1. Head to the headquarters of  your home aka The kitchen,
and wash your dishes. If you have a dishwasher, then use it.
(One day I hope to be able to afford
to get one)

2. Grab a feather duster, or a damp dust shammy cloth and go from room to room,
dusting top to bottom. Pay Attention mostly to door  frames,
skirting boards, fan blades, picture frames, shelves, and the tops of  your electronics –
like TVs and computers hi-fi system etc.

3  Go to every sink in your house, and spray them all down with
an all-purpose cleaner of choice. ( I will post a video of my homemade all- purpose video at the end of this article)
Give them a quick wipe down with a rag.

4.  , This next step may take the longest. Go through every room in your house,
and throw away rubbish..Carry around a basket or a bag collecting items that don’t
belong and deposit them where they do belong

5. With a damp cloth wipe down your kitchen/dining room tables
, kitchen counters, and bathroom counters. While
your at it wipe  clean your TV and computer screens, and bathroom mirrors.

6. Tackle your Toilet  next. Don’t forget to clean the flush handle,
under and around the seats, on the toilet bases especially if you
have boys/men in your household wink, wink, etc.

7. We are Almost at the finish line. Do a quick sweep or vacuum of your kitchen ,
living room bathrooms. This is a quick one – i.e.  you just sweep the middles of the floors.
Don’t worry about moving the settee, chairs etc, just sweep around them.

8. Time to spot mop. Take a look at the kitchen floor for those dirty spots,
and mop over each  spot. Don’t get carried away, this is an Emergency
Crisis Clean so we’re not mopping the whole floor, just the obvious dirty spots.
Now do this in your bathrooms as well.
Now the house is company ready in such a short time.

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