Gift of God 2012

Sunday 8th January 2012
The One Vast Gift of God-by Ellen G White 


Those who receive Christ by faith will be looked upon by Heaven
as precious pearls for which the merchantman has paid an infinite price,
and the human agents who find Christ will realize that they have found
a heavenly treasure.
They will be anxious to sell all that they have in order to buy the field
which contains this treasure. As they contemplate the love of God,
as the plan of salvation opens to their view, as the mystery of Christ’s
condescension becomes plainer to them, as they see the sacrifice that He made for them,
they count nothing too dear to give up for His sake.
The more they dwell upon the wonderful love of God, the vaster becomes
its proportion, and the brightness of the glory of God becomes
too glorious for mortal vision.
The Lord God of heaven collected all the riches of the universe,
and laid them down in order to purchase the pearl of lost humanity.
The Father gave all His divine resources into the hands of Christ in
order that the richest blessings of heaven might be poured out
upon a fallen race. God could not express greater love than
He has expressed in giving the Son of His bosom to this world.
This gift was given to man to convince him that God had
left nothing undone that He could do, that there is nothing held in reserve,
but that all heaven has been poured out in one vast gift.
The present and eternal happiness of man consists in receiving
God’s love, and in keeping God’s commandments.
Christ is our redeemer. He is the Word that became
flesh and dwelt among us. He is the fountain in which me may
be washed and cleansed from all impurity. He is the costly
sacrifice that has been given for the reconciliation of man.
The universe of heaven, the worlds unfallen, the fallen world,
and the confederacy of evil cannot say that God could do more for
the salvation of man than He has done.
Never can His gift be surpassed, never can He display a richer depth of love.
Calvary represents His crowning work. . . . The Lord would have His followers
enraptured with God through the knowledge of His paternal character
May God bless you as you make your home a place where angels can dwell.
Please enjoy the following song and contemplate on
the gift of Christ and how much this precious treasure cost.
Happy 2012
my dearest reader

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