For far too long I was showing up to appointments late. I feel rushed and I end up screaming at the husband and the kids, I’d forget to pack vital things.  It was an endless cycle. So after a family meeting  we’ve  decided to get organised and get to places on time. I will share with you 6 top tips that has been working for me ,just keep reading.

Sometimes though no matter how much we plan ahead things don’t always go according to plan.

This mid –May Thursday morning I awoke to a gloomy wet morn, a sense of forboding was in the air . I got dressed ate breakfast at a leisurely pace. I even had time to do a load of laundry while washing up the breakfast dishes.
At 7:25am I was on my way to my Early Bird Aqua class. I was so excited, a friend from church testified that she shed quite a few pounds doing this low impact exercise and gained a husband in the process.

So on Wednesday after my eldest daughter finished her street dance class I booked the class for the following day at the leisure centre’s reception and I promptly wrote it in my diary. I also wanted to try out LBT Class but this particular branch only did evening sessions.To my delight the receptionist suggested that my platinum membership meant I could telephone book at their sister branch . That evening whilst at work during my break I called up to book the session for Friday morning  at the other centre and also noted that in my diary . Now back to my Thursday morning

So I got to the leisure centre at 7:40am I swiped in went to the locker room got changed and sauntered out to the poolside. As I waited for the class to begin, I daydreamed of the pounds melting away, my flat abs and toned   pre-pregnancy body. Ten minutes went by and I knew something was wrong as I looked around all I saw was a few OAP ’s and a life guard sitting atop his high tower surveying the pool below. I went up to him and asked if I was in the right place for aqua aerobics. He looked at me as if I was from outer space and told me there was no class this early. As he said that  I had a flashback to the last mobile call I made, Somehow in my brain I had got it mixed up that I was to be here tomorrow . My heart did a summersault then sunk as it sunk in I was in the wrong place. I rushed out of there thinking I could still make it needless to say I didn’t make it, as I approached the London Bound A13 I was slapped with traffic. When I arrived at the next centre at reception I could see beyond the glass that the class was in full swing. I boldly went up to the instructor to ask if i could join, but he refused me entry. So I disappointedly resolved I’d just observe from the sidelines.

I was chastising myself because part of my morning routine is to check my calendar every morning this time I hadn’t. There is a Chinese proverb I remembered to the effect “your memory is only as good as ink” How true I thought. My reverie was interrupted when I saw the instructor brake from the group calling a pool boy over to him, he whispered something inaudibly to him as he bent over him. I thought are they talking about me? Then he waved his hand in my direction and the poolboy looked over at me confirming my suspicions. Next I thought, does he want me removed? How dare he be so cruel? I felt paranoid but then the pool boy walked towards me, as he got closer I could see he was a spotty faced teenager with a cheesy grin. He said would you like to swim in one of the other pools. I was stunned. I managed to retort, “I can’t swim” and smiled weakly back at him. He turned on his heel and walked away. Tears sprung to my eyes I felt utterly humiliated. I gathered my towel and flipflops with all the grace I could muster I walked with my head held high towards the changing  room. I got dressed hastily and went to the steps at the entrance, I needed fresh air. I began to cry just then the heavens opened and poured down on me. The experience was  surreal, like a scene from a movie.  I felt crushed, after all the effort I’d made , the preparation, looking the part, the excitement building up to it all. All wasted.

There is a parable  Jesus told of five foolish five wise virgins found in Matthew 25. I now had a prêtty good picture how they felt. My friends lets all be ready when one day Jesus burst through the clouds to gather us home let Him not say

22   M
any will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
23  And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity

Upon examining this text we find these people did good things but they had no relationship with Jesus their motives were all wrong all that we do must be borne out of our love for our Lord.
Let us be ready waiting and watching. I thank God for that object lesson. As parents we have to be wise and know when it’s time to let our children learn the consequences of their actions as warning is not enough at times. How many times had I read that passage

but God in his bountiful mercy and wisdom allowed me to have this insight though in part into the kingdom.


Have a before bed routine: Pack lunches, Set the table with plates etc for next morning’s breakfast
Children, including parents  should lay out their clothes, including underwear, socks, shoes and accessories.  I teach my 3year old and 18month  this skill by doing it with them .

They are never too young to learn is my philosophy.
Gather up sports/music equipment, gym bags and other things needed for after school and after work activities. My husband works from home and we home school so this doesn’t apply but the older two do dance class swimming lesson the older one does piano and trumpet so adapt it to your families needs .
* Adults can gather items for work such as their laptop,briefcase, work files, equipment etc.

Have each person set their things by the door In the morning all they need to do is to grab their lunch, backpack etc

Go to Bed Early. “Early to bed early to rise” The average adult functions best with 7-8 hours of sleep a night; set an alarm clock for the culprits in your family who are the late ones. If you have a child that is constantly late because he likes to ignore the alarm, try setting his alarm to go off 15 minutes earlier.  That way he will wake up at the right time. 

Get up even at least 15mins before your family: shower , clean toilet and shower while in there. Do a load of laundry and get breakfast started unload dishwasher if you have one

Alter Your Leaving Time
– Add an extra 15mins onto the time you need to leave for the journey

Set up a Bathroom Schedule-Growing up in the Caribbean, My mum had 4 daughters 2 sons plus my aunt and her 6 children and my cousin her son and my grand aunt all lived together under one roof at various times. There were some fights until we got two bathrooms or someone moved out.
I would suggest you try setting up a schedule that assigns a time for each person to use the bathroom. You can eliminate these squabbles altogether if you have your children take a shower or bath the night before if that works for you. At the moment, my children are young so I put them in the bathtub together. However, having been blessed with three daughters   I see troubled teen years ahead.

Set clocks ahead. If none of the above tips work, try setting all your clocks ahead by however many minutes your family is always late.  And take it to the Lord in prayer He understands all our earthly cares.

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