The finger of God



Our birthday anniversaries, and Christmas and Thanksgiving festivals,

are too often devoted to selfish gratification, when the mind should be

 directed to the mercy and loving-kindness of God.

God is displeased that His goodness, His constant care, His unceasing love,

are not brought to mind on these anniversary occasions.

    –Review and Herald, Dec. 23, 1890. {CSW 143.2}



     Well its my 29th Birthday today.I  feel 16 in my mind though. I’ve had a wonderful  day so far ,but I just wanted to come by and express

 my thoughts in writing before I forget it all. It is my hope that you will be blessed by what I have to share.

My husband gave me a new adroid phone and a movie software as I’ve been complaining about the quality of my videos on my

Youtube channel as I’m using the free windows movie maker software. The next present I got was a pot, I was absolutely elated with it and it touched me more than he’ll ever know.(maybe I’ll do a product review on that real soon)

 My eldest gave me a present that was so big there was no bow that could wrap around it. She baked me a cake, she did her

 chores for once without me moaning at her and she tidied up the living room to her best ability.

 I was smiling from ear to ear.

I then looked out through my shiny new windows and thanked God for providing the money to pay for it.(See Home Improvements for the full low down)

The picture I saw out the window  just simply took my  breath away. I saw the finger of God. The biggest present I could possibly have and it came straight from the finger of God. I was mesmerised by it. I couldn’t wait to get out and enjoy it. What am I talking about?




Why that thick blanket of snow of course. Where I live I have views of a meadow . There is something about nature that drives me wild.

Nature in all its forms. So I gathered up my two eldest daughters  some warm clothes and wellington boots and braved the cold. We went to ,The Post Office, the chemist. Then went  to the Public Library and discussed our trip to Battle Abbey  a few weeks ago over a hot cup of chocolate and discussed Past English Kings and Queens. My daughter is mad for them at the moment. So I try to encourage her as part of her homeschooling curriculum.

Next It was onto the home of some very dear christian friends of ours. On the way there were children  working up a storm enjoying the snow,

 snowballing, sledging and building snow men. As I admired my surroundings and Listened to the  crunch below my wellies when walking I was just so filled with awe. When we got there we started chatting about our ideal home. Like me  they are considering moving house. The Husband wanted a house that matched my own desires. A 4 bed house in a quiet semi-rural area double garage must have meadow views. I cannot be boxed in , I like my own space.

Then we started looking at maps on google earth then we started looking at my native country. O how I long for the rolling mountains and the sandy, sun-drenched beaches of home. To sit on  the verandah of my childhood home with a bucket of julie mangoes and my boiled egg. However it doesnt exist anymore only in my minds eye. Just around the corner in my dreams just beyond my grasp,close but yet so unattainable. I felt the pangs in my heart.

I couldn’t believe how today I saw  the Finger of God. The snow just kindled a sense of wonderment in me.

In the hustle and bustle of your daily life Do you ever take the time to just look at what is around you? I mean really look!
 When I do I am reminded of God and how Awe-inspiring  He is. Nature does that to me.
 I tell myself that if our God created all this beauty, set the seasons in place,
 He certainly can direct my life according to His will. I don’t know if He’ll provide the funds for

 the rest of my home improvements or perhaps He’ll find us a bigger house for our growing family.

I issue a challenge to YOU  today how about  trusting God with me today.
Allow him to direct your footsteps even if its through 1ft of snow with his finger



As its the season for flus and colds I thought I’d share with YOU my secret to getting rid of this and keeping myself and my family Healthy.

Welcome to my Kitchen again ladies.


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  1. What a blessing

    Happy Birthday lovely, I am glad that you managed to get some gifts that you wanted and was able to appreciate: I am especially pleased that you were able to see the wonderful gift that the Lord has given you. I pray that your forthcoming year will be a blessed one and that you will continue to see the Lord’s hand in your life.

  2. Finger of God

    Birthday greetings my sister. Like you I’m fascinated by nature and the many shades God paints it. You made the post office trip come alive. Like the view from the window. Your eldest is definitely going to be a poser like her mom – who said that apples don’t fall far from the tree. Enjoy your family and I wish you God’s blessings for the future

    Love alway s


  3. Had a look

    Hi sis

    Finally had a chance to visit your website. Praise God its amazing how God can turn things around for his people. Please keep up the good work, so we can praise God more. I pray that 2011 will take you more into the secret place of God’s presence, where you will be fascinated with His beauty, learn and experience more of His amazing love towards you. So you will impact broken lives and lead them to Christ.

  4. Your Christian Home Making Website

    Hi Amanda, It was amazing to read and watch your blobs. Thanks for sharing this with me. We have some comparisons and similarities. Thank God for His Handy work in our Lives and may God continue to Bless you and your family lives.

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