The Old Year and The New



Tuesday 4th January 2011 

What an incredible six months it has been for!

The Lord has worked through many lives, especially my own, with this blog and I am grateful
to see what He has done and what He will continue to do. It has been wonderful
‘meeting’ you all and sharing my heart with you I want to wish each and every
 one of you a glorious, blessed and Happy New Year!




2010 was full of good times. It was also full of hard times.
We learned alot about ourselves through it all. The Lord was faithful
to see us  through it to the end. Now we plow ahead and prepare for the new, the fresh….

Welcome in 2011!




I can’t tell you the number of years gone by where I have made resolutions and have fallen flat
on my face by day 2. 2010 was good for me as I was able to tick off  all five on my list. The great thing about
it was YOU were right there witnessing it. So this year I’ve only got three
but if you come by you’ll see me achieving them. Hopefully that will inspire you to stick to yours, in 2011


So what are your New Year’s Resolutions? Have you made any yet?
Are they realistic, or do you already feel as though you’re setting yourself up for failure?

The secret to success can be found in the book of Philippians.:


I can do all things through Christ
which strengtheneth me.
(Philippians 4:13)


How are you and Jesus? Are you tight? Are you walking hand in hand,
 or is spending time with Him another one of those things you try
 and try to stay on track with each year, and then find yourself falling by the wayside?
Remember to check out personal devotion post and prayer for encouragement and inspiration anew.


Whatever your plans are for 2011,
 whether it’s to spend quality time in the Bible each day,
 to develop your prayer life more, to exercise regularly, to eat better,
 to clean out your home, to connect with those family members
 who are hard to love, to mend a relationship … whatever
it is … how ’bout taking it to Jesus right now?




Here is my new years message to you hopefully it will
 challenge and inspire you as it has me. Below the video you can find the exerpt to
copy and paste and print out that my sister charlene dutifully typed up for me from the video.




The Old Year and the New

Examine Yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves

2 Cor.13:5.


Already has the new year been ushered in; yet before we greet
its coming, we pause to ask,
What has been the history of the year that with its burdens of
 records has now passed into eternity?…
God forbid that at this important hour we should be so engrossed with other
matters as to give no time to serious,
candid,critical self examination! Let things of minor consequences be put in the background, and let us now bring
to the front the things which concern our eternal interests…

No one of us can in our own strength represent the character of Christ, but if
Jesus lives in the heart,
the spirit dwelling in Him will be revealed in us. All our lack will be supplied.
Who will seek at the beginning of
this new year to obtain a new and genuine experience in the things of God?
 Make your wrongs right as far as possible.
 Confess your errors and sins to one another. Let all bitterness and wrath and malice be put away. Let patience,
long suffering, kindness, and love become a part of your very being; then whatsoever things are pure and lovely and of
good report will mature in your experience….

 It behooves us individually to cultivte the grace of Christ, to be meek and
 lowly of heart, to be firm, unwavering, steadfast
in the truth; for thus only can we advance in holiness and be for the inheritance of the saints in light.Let us begin the year
with an entire renunciatiuon of self. Let us pray for clear discernment
,….that we may always and everywhere be witnesses for Christ.
 Our time and talents belong to God, to be used for His honour and glory.
It should be our earnest, anxious effort to let
the light shine through our life and character to illumine the pathway heavenward,

 that souls may be attracted from the broad to the narrow
way of holliness….

 Strong men and women are needed in the church, successful workers
 in the Lord’s vineyard,men and women who will labor that the church may be
transformed to the image of Christ rather than conformed to the customs and practices of the world. We have everything to gain or to lose.
Let us see that we are on the side of Christ-the gaining side; that we are making sure work for Heaven

Signs of the Times, Jan. 4, 1883.


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