So you’ve accepted Christ as your Lord and Saviour. What do I do next? Perhaps your looking for something that will give you inner peace, contentment. Perhaps you are just curious to know what this guy Jesus who walked the earth two thousand years ago has got to do with you.

Maybe you’ve  had or already got a relationship with Christ but want to revive or spice up your spiritual life.

Whether you are new to homemaking or have been a homemaker for years, a homeschooling mom a stay at home mom or a mom who works outside the home,  or simply a single or married woman without  children who has struggled in her spiritual life.

Join me on my quest to model my life after the One they call Christ and in my role as wife, mother after the similitude of the elusive Proverbs 31 woman. Some fear her, some loathe her, most husbands want her and some women want to be her.
I’ll be sharing with you organisational tips, cleaning tips, recipes art & craft ideas, family worship activities, homeschooling, weight loss, afro-hair care health and all things homemaking.

Welcome one and all to my website www.christianhomemaking.co.uk making your home a place where angels can dwell.

The following video  is brought to you by marvelouslightservices.com

Once again I Welcome YOU to my home on my corner of the world wide web bringing you encouragement in your role as wife ,mother,friend. Making your home a place where angels can dwell.


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  1. My initial thoughts on christianhomemaking

    The usual thought awoke me this morning, what am I gonna do today and what will I do better. Thoughts about being a better mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend the list goes on an on. I have just spent a little over an hour looking through this blog and I must leave now to get on with my day. I have been blessed, encouraged and motivated. As I go through the day I will remember what God has done for me in the past and be confident about what he has in store for my future.

    Keep up the good work, God is using you to inspire and bless.

  2. Inspired

    Hi Sasi, which name do you prefer? I’m already extremely inspired… Look at what I’ve been missing out on. But God is good, everything in His time. Today was the right time to discover all this about your ministry. You’ve got some topics on here I’m about to read that I’ve been researching… Makeup etc… God bless you and it will be a true joy to have your input at the retreat. God bless ya… X

  3. Hey

    Hey Amanda

    I have been reading your bloggs, wow I have to say Its blessing truly inspired, I should really take time to visit you, after all this time, any thank you for including me, let me know when its ok to visit.

    bye for now

    god bless you n your home

  4. Amazing!

    Just wanted to say how amazing I thought some of your videos were- I live the laundry detergent. I find it really hard coping with my sons (I have two ages 4 and 2) and have a tentative relationship with God at the best of times. I just wish I could be like you! You are doing an amazing job. Keep it up.

  5. Vegetarian

    Hi there, commented on your site couple of months back andwanted to commend you on the most excellent work you are doing. Have a question, you guys are vegetarian right? How did that work in pregnancy as newlyvegetarian ( well about a year now) and can’t believe it but God has decided to bless our familywith our third baby (struggle with two!!!) I guess you need more protein maybe? Have been referred to a dietitian but appointment isn’t til October so wondered I you knew any good hearty recipes which give mums growing little miraclea the nutrients we need without resorting to meat?

    Thanks and keep up the amazing work x

    • vegetarian

      Congrats on the new baby I pray you have a safe delivery. I use quinoa as it is a complete protein just swop it for rice or pasta dishes. I also use tofu to get my protein in pregnancy. At times I go for organic free range eggs to shake things up a little .I also eat alot of green leafy vegetables and green smoothies. If you have a look at my pregnancy diary on this website you’ll find more info. But definatley speak to your dietician

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