Aliens from Space

Attack of the Sudo Cream-Aliens from Outer space



I thought I’d share a little of the mundane from our little home.This is what we woke up to today. I found it really funny but hubby was pretty upset.

In priceless moments like these, I think of Mary in the second chapter of Luke:
“But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.”
 You know that she, like all of us moms, had accumulated mountains of precious moments
 in the cavernous depths of  her soul–moments so perfect , so wonderful
 that they were almost too moving to articulate .

These are the moments we ponder over in the stressful or monotonous times.
 When the drudgery of life has us discouraged, or irritated, or frustrated or lonely,
 We pull them out of the innermost parts of our heart to be reminiscent
and remind ourselves why we struggle, why we fight, why we work,
why we love why we exert ALL our strength OUR SWEAT, OUR TEARS.
 It’s so worth it….


May God bless you as you make your home a place where angels can dwell

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