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Udderly Amazing 26/7/2011

Ellen G. White says: “The time will come when we may have to discard
some of the articles of diet we now use, such as milk and cream and eggs;
 but it is not necessary to bring upon ourselves perplexity by
 premature and extreme restrictions. Wait until the circumstances demand it,
and the Lord prepares the way for it” (Counsels on Health, p. 136).

A few years ago a team of elders  from Wolverhampton came to our little Essex church  one Sabbath . They did the Sabbath School, devine hour  and also the AY programme. It changed my life. I don’t think it affected anyone else in church. They said things I had never heard. I sat with them at the pot luck lunch to ask them questions and after AY I asked them even more questions.I will forever be indebted to them. They gave us a number of resources and we exchanged contacts. One of the resources they introduced us to was this South African Pastor living in the USA ,Professor Walter Veith.

If you want to know why I no longer eat meat and I am totally against MILK Please watch the following video in its entirety. After that I will be posting some videos from my youtube channel on HEALTHY DAIRY ALTERNATIVES. It is something I feel passionately about.

My sister had really bad eczema  and asthma when she was younger and suffered immensely. We knew it was caused by Milk. However my mum just kept giving it  to her and just rubbing topical steroid creams on her skin. Thankfully with a controlled diet she seems to have grown out of it as an adult.

Now my nephew and niece have it too. All six of my maternal granmother sisters all have insulin dependent diabetes. One of her sisters died of ovarian cancer. Recently I had the dreaded pregnancy cravings for my mothers macaroni cheese pie and hot chocolate. Unfortunately I fed it to my 10 and 2 year old. The 4 year old and my husband had better sense and refused to eat it. I am so ashamed I forgot just how DANGEROUS this is. When we change our lifestyle somehow we become complacent and forget why we are doing what we do. In this way I feel I can  sympathise with how the children of Israel kept back sliding.

RESULTS: my 10 year old got the runs and a migraine.  The 2 year old presented with eczema . I was horrified! I was determined not to go the medical route you know me lol  I HATE HOSPITALS.

TREATMENT: I eliminated the offending milk and cheese to start then I detoxed her with a cup of dried redclover tea per day. Always cleanse internally is my motto and deal with the root cause.Then I made a cream which I applied 2x daily. Basically just Raw African Shea Butter, castor oil and tea tree/peppermint oil. Before her bath I rubbed olive oil on her whole body then bathed her in warm water. NB you have to scrub the bath after each use.

If I was out and about I carried a tube of aloe vera gel which seemed to soothe her skin as well. To find out where I got my natural ingredients click on my product review page to see my youtube videos from last year. If you have any further questions leave me a comment below. This happened in March 2011 its now July 2011 and I can report she is healed. Two good things happened from this experience, I suppose this means she too is lactose intolerant, I had never before given them dairy  since 2006  , secondly I can share this information with YOU.

I started waking up with mucus on my chest every morning .After that I got sick with the flu and was away from work for two weeks which coincidentally carried on to my prebooked 2 week holiday in MALTA . Woefully I spent 1 week sick in my hotel room. I love cheese so much Its so hard to give it up though ;-(.  I suppose I’m writing this article to remind myself and to encourage you to look at your lifestyle. If you are having infertility problems please listen up.



Farming practices have become very much of a production
line. I abhor the thought of cruelty to animals, and agree with those seeking humane treatment for them.
But these arguments, while suggesting need for reform, do not prove that milk is, of itself or
by its nature, defective. God promised the Isarelites “A LAND FLOWING OF MILK and HONEY”
The economics of milk production do not always add up; yet,
in many parts of the world, the intense organization required for
alternative farming just does not exist. Many families in developing countries have one or two cows
from which they—inefficiently—obtain milk. However, the milk so obtained may
fill a nutritional niche in their diet.
In Britain, people have access to fortified soy “milks.”
Not everything called “milk,” however, is a dairy equivalent. “Bean juices”
made at home from soybeans are often vitamin D, calcium, and vitamin B12 deficient. My sister has
just been told that her children are allergic to  SOYA MILK and is as I write this article on her her way to see
a children’s dietician this morning  in East London.

I’m simply trying to  take in the whole picture, and refrain from vilifying a
product that may be life-sustaining in some situations. I probably would drink milk and dairy products
If I had a cow in my back yard and was sure of how it was reared.
I only wish to support my sister in her quest for health of her family and my household. I am not a vegan and I’m not a animal rights activist I hope that is clear from watching Veith’s Video


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