i agree!

One problem I have is that so many of us have been brainwashed by the world that we end up associating lust/physical attraction, with love. Then when the new ‘love’ FEELINGS die down, they end up to try and recreate it with someone else.I agree, love the one you marry.Isaac and Adam had their wives chosen for them and yet look at how happy they both were upon meeting their spouses. We need to forget the world’s standards and study God’s.


PS.I really need to look at your life sis! I’m not able to afford to find out why exactly my left fallopian tube ends midway. I don’t know what blockage there is there, I suspect there could be surgical adhesions. And my retriverted uterus is another story.Yet the stress of those first years of infertility are NOTHING compared to what you went through yet you’ve come out a strong loving sister-friend 😉 God bless you, your family and the soon-to-be here one too.No more fainting spells please 🙂

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