Rainy,Sunny Sunday

Rainy, Sunny Sunday-8/5/2011

It’s a sunny rainy Sunday, You gotta love British weather you can experience 4 seasons in a matter of hours !
Spring showers makes me think of healing and flowers to come.

Today my 3 daughters and I were on our way to the park, taking the scenic route
through the woods but then the skies changed suddenly dark .
Regrettably we had to turn back. I stopped by my friend  Katriona’s alas no one home. We sang a few childrens hymns
and my heart was strengthened by His promises. I am so thankful for the day.
The moments of Sunday mornings are precious.

The streets were full of life because the warm is slowly appearing!
Children playing, people walking everywhere, birds flying! It’s a feast for the eyes,
 I try to take it all in. My husband made a last minute dash to the store with the 4yr old before the stores shut at 5pm
And now, as the rain pours down-

I am sitting content with my nettle tea to soothe
my throat , rubbing my growing belly , my aching feet are up on the cofee table time for a good read to nourish my soul
I hope you have had a restful weekend
A Sunday filled with moments that you store in your heart!

I am dreading having to contemplate going into work tommorow night.

Outside my window.….The sky is grey, and the air is cold. I’m hoping this is winter’s last week and spring is uninterupted!

I am thinking…..What it means to be a good wife and mother

I am thankful for…..husband who has worked tirelessly to provide for us to be able to
have an extension on house before the new baby arrives

From the kitchen…..my eldest daughter is peeling carrots and potato for the vegetarian sheperds pie I will make

I am wearing…..A green maxi dress with a teal t-shirt underneath for modesty, and pink flip-flops

I am going…..To open up my laptop and write a response on my blog about a post I read on facebook
and my new found virtual blogging sister in SA

I am hearing….the beautiful sounds of the song, “What a friend”, by: Kathyrn Scott from the album I Belong

Around the house…..I can hear the zebra finch tweeting away in her cage upstairs and my two year
old is in her high chair eating her macaroni pie

I am reading.….”The Power of Motherhood” by Nancy Campbell after having
read Madam Bovary for my library book club for my April book of the month 

I am hoping.….to purchase some marigolds for brightening up the front garden, oh those oranges and yellows!
It’s like riding home in a caribbean sunset O how I miss the islands…..

My heart flutters at the beauty
and knowing the Maker of it all… loves me




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