Mexican “QUORN” Chicken Lasagne

Quorn is the leading brand of mycoprotein  food product in the UK and Ireland.
The mycoprotein used to produce Quorn is extracted from a fungus, Fusarium venenatum,
which is grown in large fermentation vats.
Quorn is produced as both a cooking ingredient and a range of ready meals.
It is sold (largely in Europe but also in other parts of the world) as a health food and an alternative to meat,

especially for vegetarians, earning the Vegetarian Society’s seal of approval.
As it uses egg white as a binder, it is not a vegan food.
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Mexican “Quorn ”  Chicken Lasagne

3-4Wholemeal tortilla wraps
2x 395gEnchilda sauce
2tbsp fresh coriander(optional)
300g Quorn chickenstyle pieces
1 onion,1 clove garlic, ½ leek
Cream cheese
200g Extra mature cheddar cheese

How to bake a vegetarian , mexican quorn chicken lasagne,suitable for freezing,serve with garlic bread.

The following video is in Two Parts so please enjoy both with compliments of

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