My Thoughts on Singleness

Below is A poem inspired by first my sisters who I’ve been praying for some years and then in recent years The Lord placed it on my heart to pray with  and for my daughters  future husbands. Now at the time she was only 6 now 9 and since then I’ve been blessed

with 2 more daughters 3 and 16mths old. So I’ve been kept trebly so on my knees. If your single start praying for him, not just for A husband but for the one that God has ordained you should have.

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While I Was Waiting For You

While I was waiting for you, I prayed for your safety,I prayed that your hands would be used to build up your faith and the faith of others
I prayed that your feet would run away from mischief, debauchery and injustice
I prayed that your travels along life’s journey contains just enough bumps in the road and rough seas to cross to give you wisdom and just enough experience for the rest of our journey together here on out. While I was waiting for you.

While I was waiting for you I prayed that your eyes had no evil set before them
I prayed that your lips would say no to evil . Instead to be full of Praise and thanksgiving showing forth a clean heart
I prayed your ears would hear no evil, but would delight in music of harps, timbrels pianos, cornets.
I prayed your nose had indulged in the goodness of the Almighty and partook only in righteousness
Strong yet tender displaying meekness and justice

INSPIRED By Psalms 119:101,  see also Proverbs 1:6 ,Isaiah59:7

The following is just a reflection on my past. It was inspired by  a conversation I had with a very young

 former security guard where I work about two years ago. I was trying to tell him about true love and abstinence

as not just a good idea or an old fashioned way of doing things but It was God’s idea. I warned him that if he was not careful He would be a father at the end of the year.

He laughed at me and declared he was an Atheist. I told him with such reckless behaviour it was sure to have far reaching consequences . I offered myself as a prime example  being a product of one such liason. But alas he just wanted to do it and it happened just like I said. He is always in my prayers that God would make Himself known to him.

The love of God knows no end,  unlike the frailty of human affection. One can fall out as easily as it takes to fall into ones favour.
How grateful I am that GOD is not a man. His thoughts are higher than us mere mortals.

HE has plans for us, plans to prosper us, not to harm us. HE sees the  end from the beginning.HE is after all the Alpha and the Omega. He inhabits space, time   and our praises . He sees us not as

we are but as what we will and can be . Through all our faults and mistakes HE loves us still.

HE  desires an individual relationship with you and with me. We don’t have to fear the bitterness of rivalry.His heart, His love is big enough for us all.
I’ve been in relationships where for a while I thought I was the only one. The anger and the sheer horror subsides giving way

to feelings of betrayal and anguish upon the discovery of the treachery. It pierces your heart, your soul right to the very core.

That feeling you don’t so easily forget. It wounds so very deeply. It makes recovery almost near impossible. You think it difficult

to open your heart to yet another upon only a whisper per chance of the real thing. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and naked.

 The emotions involved in such relations are so intense, so intimate that they can have ever so far reaching a consequence.
We live in the “West” and in this part of the world moral decay is rampant. People are always pushing the boundaries

further and further beyond what is acceptable. People are in bondage being led away in chains down a very

dark and dangerous rail track. Onboard that hell-bound train, souls singing, dancing and enjoying the revelry not knowing, not seeing,

 through the thin veil of deception draped across their vision by “the evil one” The enemy of souls.

Can you hear it? They are chanting the popular mantra of that advert.


(see Jeremiah 29:11, Isaiah 55:7-9 Psalms 139:12-14)

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